How do we operate?

We are a team of professionals with experience attained in international agricultural companies with an individual customer approach. In our daily operations we do our utmost to choose the best offers available on the domestic and foreign markets. We endeavour to listen to our partners and respond to their needs. We focus on all-year-round acquisition and sale of grains, meals and fertilisers in the country and abroad. From the moment the agreement is signed until its completion we ensure that the acceptance and delivery of products is a swift process, adhering to all quality, business and legal standards. Because of the specificity of the agricultural sector, transport is an essential element. Recognising this fact, we make every effort to ensure that our goods are supplied from “door-to-door” in a swift and trouble-free manner. Timely payments are a key issue in our relations with business partners.

Our motto:
“An honest man makes a promise and does not break it, even though he is hurt by it”.